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Eckankar Complaint - Quota Nightmare
Eckankar Complaint

Eckankar Complaint


Quota Nightmare

My Mom asked me to blatantly lie about a man in our eckankar study group because he works for the government. Mom wants to discredit him because he discovered Mom and Dads tax scheme that they use to not pay taxes they owe. Dad is so frantic that he is hiding his businesses so the government wont imprison him and force payment of back taxes he owes for back years. Basically Papa has used our Eckankar study center to avoid paying taxes he owes. Now my Dad is affraid of getting caught ever since the government has been investigating our families earnings.

The police have been following my Mom to see where she sells her artwork.The tax department wants to catch her secretly selling her art and not paying back taxes owed.

Mother has gotten frustrated because her cash cow has been discovered by the police. Now the IRS knows Mom's strategy in using our eckankar study group to network so she can sell her stuff. Making tax money owed disappear through our Eckankar study group bank account. That's why she told me to lie about the man who works for the justice department. The man was told by our center money manager that is what mom is doing with the eckankar study groups bank accounts by selling her artwork and using the bank accounts to make it look like the money going through are donations. Mom makes her art profits disappear through our study association banking account.

Mother shared her profits with the eckankar centers business manager to make him be quiet about her using the study center bank account to put her profits through as donations so it looks like the sales are for books and other items. Our study center business manager has also been taking moms profit money and sending this through the business managers wife's bosses business accounts also. His wife's employer knows nothing about this.

Mom has issues with sleeping around for pocket money although my dad does not approve.She has been trying to convince my cousin and I to sleep around also to pay off taxes owed by my parents!!!! My Dad does not object to this either! Our study group is supposed to be learning spiritual principles . What a travesty. Our Eckankar study center is entangling the public and its members so that my parents can make large sums of money. Nobody would believe this if I told anyone but this is the god awful truth. All the while everybody thinks we are a legitimate spiritual study group.

Mother is so depressed she has been getting free prescription drugs from one of her friends at the study center who is a doctor. The doctor makes bathtube methedrine and antidepresesents and is not concerned about breaking the law. Making drugs and giving mother perscriptions without prescribing them. Mom has shared her profits with this doctor for doing this for her. Mom takes her profits and then sends the money through her doctor friends clinic as well. I am sick at heart that eckankar supports my parents behavior. Eckankar is sneaky about covering up money making schemes that members are involved in as long as they receive some of the profits.

My advice is not get involved in Eckankar unless you want to associate with people actively breaking the law. The members in charge at the study centers are heavily involved in illegal money making schemes so they can pay off quotas required for being registered as study centers by Eckankar headquarters and registering authorities in their countries.

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